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AMP Arquitectos

Jansanna, De La Villa, De Paauw Arquitectos
Buro Happold
The privileged location of Fort Mason in the context of the National Park Service’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area, its view of the sea, its being open to the public and offering incomparable views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and Angel Island, must be valued and enhanced through an intervention that will unify all these elements and dissolve the limits, generating a “whole” together with the different infrastructures of Fort Mason.
In order to achieve this, the adaptation of this space to the current philosophy of urban planning is fundamental. This adaptation will generate sustainable mobility, integration with surrounding areas, urban quality, and the creation of suitable connection areas.
The military past of Fort Mason is still very present in the memory of the citizenship of the city of San Francisco. The base of our intervention stems from a great respect for this historical value. The spaces, the buildings, the walls, the stairs, the rails, the iron, the wood, the glass, all these elements make up FMC and are part of a history worth preserving.  
The desire not to alter the structure of the space, the constructed elements or the materials used, when introducing the new elements needed for FMC’s improvement or for the development of new programs, is at the core of our team’s proposal. All the new elements or programs will be strategically introduced to emphasize and improve the historical value, the communications and the landscape, and at the same time melt the barriers that currently segregate FMC from its surroundings.


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