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Design Competition Process

The Fort Mason Center design competition is a two-phase, invitation-only competition.  

Phase I of the competition will invite approximately twenty (20) firms to submit statements of interest and qualifications.  The competition jury will review the Phase I submittals and may seek additional information and/or conduct interviews with all or some of the respondents.  Design drawings are not required, nor will they be considered, during the initital phase of the competition.  The competition jury will select three finalists to advance to Phase II.  

In Phase II, invited teams will be asked to develop conceptual design proposals.  These three finalists will each be awarded $20,000 to develop their proposals.  The finalists will participate in a public presentation to the competition jury and the Fort Mason Center board, staff, and community.  The jury will select a winner of the competition.   

Invitees are encouraged to supplement their teams with firms specializing in other disciplines, such as landscape architecture, architecture, historic preservation, and urban design, in order to best re-imagine Fort Mason Center’s Pier One and public realm.

Submittal Requirements

Phase I:  Statement of Interest and Qualifications

  1. Cover Letter and Statement of Interest – Design teams should submit a cover letter and statement of interest of no longer than four pages.  The letter should identify the firms and key personnel who make up the design team, and should discuss why the team is interested in participating in the competition.  The letter may also address the team’s anticipated approach to the competition’s design challenges.     
  2. Qualifications/Portfolio – Design teams should submit a description of relevant projects completed or in progress by members of the design team.  Responses should be limited to a total of ten (10) projects, with no more than one page dedicated to each project.  Responses should provide a summary of the project and a description of the firms’ role in the project.


Phase II:  Design Proposals

The three finalists will be asked to develop and submit conceptual design proposals, which will include the requirements outlined below.  More detailed information regarding the final submittal will be provided prior to the beginning of Phase II.

  1. A maximum of four boards submitted electronically
  2. A conceptual construction cost estimate of the proposed design
  3. Participation in a public presentation and interview at Fort Mason Center.  The presentation will allow finalists to provide an overview of their design, as well as provide the competition jury with the opportunity to interview the design team.

All submittals will be made electronically. Instructions will be provided.

For information or questions, contact:
Rich Hillis, Executive Director, at 415-345-7505, or rich@fortmason.org