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West 8

Jensen Architects
Bionic Landscape Architects
Architectural Resource Group
Ila Berman
Moffat & Nichol
HR&A Advisors
Langdon Associates
Across the globe, waterfront cities are in the midst of a conversion from derelict harbors, neglected riversides and fraying coastal edges to active, inventive urban gathering places. The West 8 team was inspired by the rich civic and cultural legacy of the Fort Mason site, the independent, vibrant spirit of existing programming and the tremendous potential of Fort Mason Center to be a robust and integral component of the San Francisco Waterfront. Multi-layered programming and a generous public realm would significantly augment the economic viability of the Center and dramatically expand its potential uses by a diverse audience. The West 8 team sees potential at all scales: from the city scale and its urban connections to site-specific furniture details.


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