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Rich Hillis, Executive Director
Nick Kinsey, Director of External Affairs
Jovanne Reilly, Executive Assistant
Yennga Khuong, Project Manager, Real Estate & Planning
Claudia Willen, Marketing Associate

Julie Enright, Director of Sales
Elexis Feldbrill, Junior Sales Associate
Amanda Mathews, Senior Sales Associate
Ayal Mesher, Sales Associate

Patrick Hajduk, Director of Events
Troy Crossman, Events Manager
Rebecca Olson, Events Manager
Brianna Hussey, Events Manager
Diarmaid McGrath, Events Services Manager
Jane Casamajor, Production Manager, Cowell & Southside Theaters
Mauricio Ramirez, Technician
Wilbert Hayes, Technician
Elmo Jover, Technician
Daniel Jojola, Technician
Vernon Redmond, Technician
Virgilio Capistrano, Technician
Godofredo Villaricia, Technician


Mark Tao, Director of Finance
Edna González, Staff Accountant
Leanna Louie, Senior Staff Accountant
Matt Sauerman, IT
Lisa Phillips, Office Manager
Pat Mimeau, Receptionist