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Capacitor: Okeanos

Herbst Pavilion — Apr 12th through Apr 15th

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Okeanos is a multidisciplinary portrait of the ocean as body, resource, metaphor, and force. It is a performance to inspire and educate audiences about the ocean and connect them to ocean conservation.

Okeanos features the distinctive artistic and technical components that Capacitor has become known for – inventive and articulated dance vocabulary, contemporary circus, abstract structures that mirror nature, poetic integration of audio/video multimedia, sculptural costumes, scientifically supported content, and conservation partnerships.

Under the Artistic Direction of Jodi Lomask, Capacitor's four dancers, four circus artists, and two musicians perform within a constructed oceanic video/aerial/performance environment. Interviews with scientific advisers Dr. Sylvia Earle and Dr. Tierney Thys punctuate the electronic sound score. For more information, please visit www.capacitor.org.

Herbst Pavillion at Fort Mason
Thursday - Sunday, April 12-15

Ticket: $25 (first 100) $30 (second 100) $35 (remainder)
Preshow Talks: $20 with show ticket Reception 6:00-6:30

Reception 6:00-6:30
PreShow Talks 6:30-7:30 {$20}
Okeanos 8:00-9:00 {$25-$35}
Ocean Solutions Cafe 9:00-10:00


TEDxSFThursday - April 12th TEDxSF presents Big Blue
[tickets: tedxsf.org] Andy Sharpless (Oceana.org), Seasteading Institute, Casson Trenor (Sustainable Sushi), Roz Savage (Ocean Rower), Jenefer Palmer (OSEA), Amos Nachoum (Big Animal Expeditions), Thomas Dolby (TED) & more. MC Deborah Bassett (Sea Shepherd) (TEDxSF Salons Adds More Tickets for April 12’s Big Blue: A Very Special Evening on the Oceans and The Premier of Capacitor's OKEANOS)

Friday - April 13th  Diving into Deep Sea Technology
Chris Welsh (cofounder, Virgin Oceanic--Explorations of the deepest parts of the ocean basins), Brett Hobson (designer of state-of-the-art AUVs and ROVs from the globally acclaimed Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute MBARI), Erika Montague (expedition member, Deep Challenge - Jim Cameron's full ocean depth expedition to the Challenger Deep), Luke Beatman (Liquid Robotics engineer for the record-breaking PacX wave gliders), Sterling Zumbrunn (world renowned underwater photographer and underwater digital imagery guru, Backscatter). MC Dr. Tierney Thys (Nat Geo Explorer)

Saturday - April 14th  Ocean Explorers
National Geographic presents Dr Sylvia Earle, David de Rothschild (Plastiki), Jenifer Austin (Google Ocean), and Barton Seaver (Cod and Country).  MC Dr Tierney Thys (Nat Geo Explorer)


BlueMind Sunday - April 15th  Your Mind On Blue
BLUEMiND presents Dr Wallace J Nichols, Farhana Huq (browngirlsurf.com), Dr G (greensteininstitute.com) & more. MC Sarah Kornfeld (BLUEMiND)

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Tickets to this show only are $25 for the first 100 tickets, $30 for the next 100, $35 for the remaining
More Information: (415) 308-1952 

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Series funded in part by Grants For the Arts.